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In this post I’ll be listing a few of situations which commonly occur during gameplay. I’ll then be analyzing the situations and giving the best approach on how to tackle them. Of course, there are many ways to tackle some situations so I’ll just be listing the ways I think are best and are what I would do in these situations. Also note that some of these situations may come in different styles of gameplay or different areas. If so, not all methods listed will be a good thing to do. For example, don’t spam Scouts at Snipers if the Snipers are on a unreachable hill for vehicle Scouts.

You’re getting attacked from long range by Snipers/Penetrators/Merls/Banishers/Dominators/Diplomats
If you’re getting taken out from long range by these units, it’s firstly best to get all your important units as far away from them as you can. For example, if you have your com the front line, you need to run him back towards your base immediately. Anyways, the best way to counter these units is by spamming as much stuff as you can. This is because they have a slow reload time and so can’t fight off against spam so easily. The cheapest and fastest units are scouts, so spam as many Jeffies, Weasels or Fleas at them as you can.

Another way to fight of against long range units is to make air gunships such as Rapiers, Brawlers or even Tech 1 Banshees if you can spam enough of them fast enough. Of course, this is much more expensive method and also isn’t as fast as spamming scouts, however, they do plenty of damage and can’t get taken out by these long range units very easily. Remember Banishers can also shoot air so Liches for example, would be a bad idea vs Banishers.

You lose your com on the front line
This is a very common situation and happens in most games. Before you do lose your com, make sure as many of your units are out of the way as possible. For example, if your com is on low health and you know you will lose it soon, make sure you get all your offensive units, cons etc out of the way. This is a good idea because when you do lose your Com, you can protect it’s wreck with the offensive units you saved and can reclaim the metal with the con. Remember, Com wrecks are 2500 metal making them a very important resource for any player. This means you enemy will likely try and rush the metal too so make sure you can defend it as best you can.

When on the front line and you com is about to die, you have two choices. The first, you can try and escape by walking away from your enemy and making sure it doesn’t take any more hits. Or, you can Com walk your enemy by running straight at their front line. This is a riskier option but if it’s successful, it can change the situation around completely. If you do decide to com walk, it’s a good idea to stop all your units that are using Energy and cloak your Com. Then turn the Com to hold fire and walk straight at your enemies front line.

You’re enemy is mass spamming cheap units
So lets say you enemy has started spamming some cheap light units such as Peewees, Flash or Scouts. The best way to deal with this sort of spam is by making a clear front line of defense. The line of defense needs to be in the same kind of position so it can pretty much all shoot the same targets at the same time. Otherwise, the cheap spam can over run parts of the line and then slowly take out the whole thing.

Here’s a list of units that are effective against mass spam:

  • Beamers (Arm)
  • Double LLT (Core)
  • Flame Turrets (Core)
  • Pyros (Core)
  • Goliaths (Core)
  • A lot of LLT
  • Convertible Metal Extractor (Core)
  • Fatboys (Arm)
  • Line of Can/Sumo
  • Well spread mines
  • Riot tanks for Peewees & Flash

Basically anything with a fast rate of fire, splash damage or range is effective against mass cheap spam. Also remember to set your defending units to ‘Hold Position’ as this will stop them running into the spam and messing up your nice line. If you’re playing against Peewees, Riot tanks (Levelers) are extremely effective as one hit against a grouped pack of Peewees can completely scatter and break them. If the spam starts to increase and you start to doubt your line of defense, putting up dragon teeth might be a good idea as this will stop the spam penetrating your defense. Don’t forget EMP drones also help massively if the enemies spam isn’t assisted with any AA.

You’re units are getting slaughtered by EMP drone combos
Sometimes, enemies keep a few EMP drones hiding out of enemy view so they can use them for traps or for mass use later on. If you ever spot any Core Air unit, it’s probably a good idea to expect drones. Once you can predict the enemy will use drones, they’re pretty easier to counter with a few AA units. Samsons are good because they can shoot ground units too.

The problem comes when you are ambushed by these things out of nowhere. Lets say you’re about to charge towards your enemies base with a small group of units, say 10-15 Flash tanks or Stumpys. A bunch of EMP drones come from nowhere and EMP all your units, what to you do?
Well, a good approach would be to get out of there as fast as you can. As soon as you see a fast moving unit in the first 20 minutes or so of gameplay, it’s probably either a scout or an EMP drone. Get retreating as soon as you see these fast moving objects on your radar. If you have any AA units nearby, get them supporting your Flash/Stumpys as soon as possible. If you have your Com nearby, it’s a good idea to either help killing the drones with the Com’s laser or to start building AA.

Anyways, once you’ve escaped, remember to bring AA next time you attack. Remember EMP drones have very low health so pretty much anything that hits them will kill them.

You think your base is about to get Dgunned/Com Bombed and you have no time to build AA
Sometimes, nubs will try to Com Bomb your base. There is a good way to stop this happening but it will be at the cost of your Com as well. Please note that this method is sometimes pretty tricky to pull off and should only be performed if you know what you’re doing.

To save your base and kill your Com and the incoming Com, you’ll need to be able to spot the Com coming from a good radar range away. Transporting Coms are usually quite easy to spot as you can see the transporters engines firing away as it flies through the air. Basically, what you’ll be doing here is self detonating your Com to blow your enemies Com up before it reaches your base. As soon as you see a transporting Com approaching, walk your Com in the exact direction as the incoming Com and walk towards that direction. The Self D timer on a Com is about 4 seconds so make sure you time it right. Start Self D’ing your Com when you think the enemy Com is about 5 seconds away. If you do this correctly, when your enemies Com flies near/over your Com, your Com will explode from the self D and blow both Coms up leaving your base unharmed. With practice, you can perform this trick flawlessly almost every time however if you’re only just starting to use this method, it’s a bit risky.

These are just a few common situations that occur on the battlefield so expect some more of these another time. Feel free to leave your own views on these situations in a comment below.

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