Tips and Tricks #1


In this post I will be going through a few tricks and tips you should use in all of your games. I have nothing to rabble about, so I’ll jump right in.

Skirmishing is where you have a unit, for example an LLT, and there is an enemy unit directly on or maybe just outside the LLT’s range but the LLT cannot automatically shoot at it because, in the LLT’s mind, the target is out of it’s range. However, if you select the defensive unit and click on the part of the target which is within the range, usually, your unit will attack it.
Sometimes if you can’t shoot your target because it is just out of range, you can shoot just in front of it and it will still damage it.

Preparing for attack:
This doesn’t make a huge difference to gameplay but can certainly help depending on the situation. This is when you have a defensive unit facing one way but you think an enemy attack may come from a different direction that the defensive unit is not aimed it. This is hard to explain so I’ll use an obvious example. If you built an LLT facing inwards towards your base instead of the enemies base and you know the enemy will attack from their side. It’s best to turn your LLT around to face the direction the enemy will come from making it faster for the LLT to attack. To do this, simple select the unit you want to turn and then click attack on the direction you want it to face. Before it shoots at the point you clicked, order it to stop and it will have turned around without using any Economy to shoot.

Shooting over Solars
: This is fairly simple, LLT’s cannot shoot over the top of Arm Solars but they can shoot over Core Solars. You can use your initiative for this but for those of you who cannot, do not build LLT’s next to a bunch of Arm Solars or they won’t be able to shoot the target.

Smart Reclaiming:
This one can
sometimes give players a major Economy Advantage. When you are building Advanced units like Adv Solars, Adv Fusions or Tech 2, you’ll sometimes find that Metal stalls really hold back the build time of these units. For example, if you’re building Adv Solars and you Metal stall, you have only one way to get quick Metal to finish them, which is reclaiming. Chances are, you’ll have built a lower Tech unit which is worth a lot of Metal when reclaimed and you are building a more efficient unit, it’s best to reclaim the lower Tech unit.
Here’s a few ways you can improve your Economy:

  • When building Advanced Solars, reclaim normal Solars for Metal.
  • When building Advanced Fusions, reclaim normal Fusions for Metal.
  • When building Tech 2 labs, reclaim your Tech 1 labs for Metal.
  • When building Tech 2 Metal Makers, don’t relciam Tech 1 Metal Makers because you only get 1 Metal from them, simply blow them up.
  • When you’re trying desperately to spam units but you’re Metal stalling but have plenty of Energy, reclaim a few Energy units for Metal.

    Smart Assisting:
    In the early stages of games when you’re building nanos and spamming Tech 1, you’ll sometimes want to build more than
    1 lab for spamming. However, a lot of players makes nanos and build their labs on either sides of the nanos or spread the nanos out everywhere. The most efficient way to spam units with 2 labs is to build your labs next to each other so your nanos don’t have to keep turning which wastes time. Be sure to make sure your nanos don’t have to keep turning all over the place.

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