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Keybinds (Hotkeys) are a bit trickier to configure in Spring than other games. There is no GUI or interface to allow you to easily setup your keybinds, but rather a .txt document which you have to edit and save accordingly. The default file which controls your keybinds is in your Spring folder under the name “uikeys.txt”. In this guide, I will be showing you how you can edit and customize your keybinds.

Note: It’s a good idea to keep a backup of your default keybinds just in case

Ok, so here are the the basics of keybinds:

unbind   [Key Combo]  :  This will remove any functions of the keybind.
bind        [Key Combo]  :  This will add the function you want.

For example:

unbind          any+f12  screenshot
bind               any+f12  screenshot png

This will unbind the F12 key from any current functions it performs (.jpg screenshot) and then it will force it to take a .png screenshot instead.

You can also setup keybinds to build certain units. For example, if I wanted to use the ‘Z’ key for T1 mexes, I would use these commands:

unbind any+z buildspacing inc
unbind z buildspacing inc
unbindaction buildspacing inc

bind z buildunit_armmex
bind shift+z buildunit_armmex
bind z buildunit_cormex
bind shift+z buildunit_cormex

The first set of commands unbinds the ‘Z’ key from ‘build spacing increase’. This means the ‘Z’ key is then free from any use as it is only used for build spacing increasing. The second set of commands binds Arm and Core T1 mexes with the ‘Z’ key. It’s also bound with the ‘Shift’ key as this is used when queuing orders. You can even bind more than one unit to one keybind. For example, if I bound Solars and Windmills both to the ‘X’ key, I could tap ‘X’ twice ingame to toggle through them.

If you get to know your keybinds inside out, you can bind any function, command, unit to any key combination allowing you to completely rework your keyboard to suit your playing style.

There are many keys and functions you can use  keybinds with so I’m not going to go into too much detail as there are already other articles out there that explain keybinds in a bit more depth. Also you can check your default uikeys.txt for the list of binds

TAS Modit – Full list of units for unit names
Beheriths keybinds – My keybinds are based off this set too
Using custom keys – Wiki article

Feel free to share your thoughts below or even link to your own set of keybinds.

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